Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There is an Evil Out There

"What is Government if words have no meaning?"
Jared Loughnerd allegedly asked Congresswoman Giffords this question a few years ago and her inability to answer him to his satisfaction stirred up a hatred in him that took six lives and altered many more. To me I can see why Giffords was either stumped or got political on her answer because it seemed like a loaded question that at best was semi incoherent and at worst was asked to take her off balance at that town hall style meeting. Politically I have nothing at all in common with Mrs. Giffords and would surely have like to see her lose her election. Personally she seemed sincere and she was pretty and happy and trying to make a difference the way she thought was right. I know nobody on the conservative end of the independent /tea party spectrum would ever condone violence like this. There was an innocent little girl who was killed for God's sake, many people physically and psychologically devastated. This is a tragedy in so many ways. I already hear the hue and cry that it was Sarah Palin and her effort to unseat Giffords, I hear that it was the over heated rhetoric from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin. I think that is all misdirectional hogwash. Our Liberty is at stake here, whether the drones that feed us the party line of the left in the National Media Circus or the real hate mongers who stir anarchy out there on the fringes of the left and the right. No, what this was really was a boy who never grew up dabbling with demonic spirits and putting his selfish fantasies out there over everybody. Taking The Lords Will and twisting it to his own destruction was what Jared Loughnerd did, plain and simple. There may yet come a time in this country for violent confrontations to wrest our Liberties back from the purple tie wearing freaks that seek to steal our rights out from under US with Laws and regulations who create fees and taxes and spend US into slavery. But it will not happen this way, shooting a woman like a coward, accidentally-or on purpose?- hitting little children in the cross fire and just absolutely disrupting everything and everyone for no gain whatsoever.

I can tell you ll what I think this was, it was another Demon possessed individual who snapped and the Demon who was controlling the little puppet strings on Jared Loughnerd finally decided it was time to throw this tool away and go get another one.

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