Thursday, March 17, 2011

Political Will

In Contempt,
Income Spent,
Inclined to Vent

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Charlie Oh Charlie

On Charlie Sheen.....I don't understand why people are coming down so hard on Charlie. He's living the dream that Hollywood bamboozles our kids with every month with movies of that very lifestyle----drugs, a great job, great family, and lots of sex with young girls. Why are people so mad about those young girls living at his house, helping to rear his kids? By golly, "Doesn't it take a village?" They're just part of that "village." So, basically, Charlie is living the "Hollywood American Dream, " the way it's portrayed at the boxoffice to our youth and around the world and to our politicians. Remember, it "takes a village." Good job, Charlie!

Monday, February 7, 2011

President Obama

Platudinous Plagiarisms
Matter of Fact
Condescending Drivel

Thursday, January 27, 2011

As Things Are

I came across a few interesting tidbits tonight reading scripture, here they are, "Man proposes and God disposes" and also "The Lord neither hates nor likes anyone, though He appears to". Both interesting angles that made me think just a little more

Friday, January 14, 2011

Playing Semantics

T-Mobile was my cell phone provider for 5 or 6 years until I recently switched to AT&T . The reason I switched the night I switched was I was waiting for some money from a job and my daughter had recently had her I phone stolen so we decided to take advantage of the deal AT&T had as part of her Christmas present. I was pretty fed up with T mobile too because their signal was weak and I usually had to stand in one place in the house or go outside when the signal failed altogether. So I went to AT&T store and made the deal. They told me I had to port out my phone because I wanted to retain my business #. That required calling T mobile and getting my account number which when I did the lady on the other end started trying to find out the reasons why I was leaving T mobile. I told her about the bad reception and missed calls etc. and she kept working on me. I told her I am sorry, I am done with T Mobile I want to close my account and keep this number. I was busy with the AT&T rep and I had to go now. She said all right and we hung up.
Service with AT&T has been great I can talk anywhere inside my house and I still need to learn my new phone but I think its so much better of a service.
Then last night along comes a new bill from T Mobile for 66 $. They kept my daughters line on the suspension ever since she had her phone stolen back in November. So I call up T MObile and told the representatives my story. They ALL tried to tell me how I saved my daughters number when I cancelled my account, I went through billing and accounts, and a couple supervisors. The last guy I talked to was named Rob 0757452 and he was absolutely the worst customer service representative I have ever dealt with in my life. I realized that by this time I was agitated and frustrated and feeling that they were just going to try and rip me off on the way out the door, and my blood pressure was through the roof. Since I was no longer a paying T Mobile customer they were not even trying to be nice anymore. He kept telling me lets go back and go over your story because it keeps changing. Then he would start in saying I called up T Mobile to complain about my bad service and didn't want to hear anymore from the rep. Erica that I just wanted to port out my personal number and that this is the first time he heard me mention the other number which was suspended because my daughters phone was stolen. I said no I mentioned that, to you and every other person I have talked to tonight, I told Erica "I was 'canceling my T Mobile account altogether and keeping my personal number'. How much more specific than that could I be"? Then he starts in saying you can't cancel your account first or you wont get to port out your own number, and when you port out your number that cancels that number. I told him again what I told Erica, which was "I am through with T Mobile I just want to keep my number".
He kept on like somehow my account and my daughters number were somehow separate. I told him that I was not concerned with the order they had to do things there at their shop or what the words port and account meant to them. I knew what account meant to me and that was all my numbers with T-Mobile, ALL of them. Then he would go around and around again , " but you wanted to port out your number" exasperated I said yes and close out my ACCOUNT! He went on that porting out my number meant not closing the account right then. I understand that now this has become the way that they want to rope me in with a detail that was less than specific. I told the guy how was I supposed to cancel my account with you? Bring a Lawyer down to your corporate office or write a certified letter? If I can't call a representative and give her an instruction that I am confident she will follow, then they can say whatever they want, like that I said I want a contract on the other line for 2 years or anything.
Anyway Rob went on to say that I was not going to get that amount credited. Regardless how this turns out now I will never be a T Mobile customer again not if they are the last cel phone company out there. Their customer service skills reeked of condescension and trying to tell me what I said and did instead of listening to me. The old axiom the customer is always right doesn't ring true there, at least when you are no longer using their service, then you are just a possible few $$ to fish out of an already pissed off former customer. Well I am going over Rob 0757452 head all the way to the PUC and small claims court. It is now about the principle not the lousy 66$ and I will tell everybody I can that T Mobile has absolutely the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with in my life.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There is an Evil Out There

"What is Government if words have no meaning?"
Jared Loughnerd allegedly asked Congresswoman Giffords this question a few years ago and her inability to answer him to his satisfaction stirred up a hatred in him that took six lives and altered many more. To me I can see why Giffords was either stumped or got political on her answer because it seemed like a loaded question that at best was semi incoherent and at worst was asked to take her off balance at that town hall style meeting. Politically I have nothing at all in common with Mrs. Giffords and would surely have like to see her lose her election. Personally she seemed sincere and she was pretty and happy and trying to make a difference the way she thought was right. I know nobody on the conservative end of the independent /tea party spectrum would ever condone violence like this. There was an innocent little girl who was killed for God's sake, many people physically and psychologically devastated. This is a tragedy in so many ways. I already hear the hue and cry that it was Sarah Palin and her effort to unseat Giffords, I hear that it was the over heated rhetoric from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin. I think that is all misdirectional hogwash. Our Liberty is at stake here, whether the drones that feed us the party line of the left in the National Media Circus or the real hate mongers who stir anarchy out there on the fringes of the left and the right. No, what this was really was a boy who never grew up dabbling with demonic spirits and putting his selfish fantasies out there over everybody. Taking The Lords Will and twisting it to his own destruction was what Jared Loughnerd did, plain and simple. There may yet come a time in this country for violent confrontations to wrest our Liberties back from the purple tie wearing freaks that seek to steal our rights out from under US with Laws and regulations who create fees and taxes and spend US into slavery. But it will not happen this way, shooting a woman like a coward, accidentally-or on purpose?- hitting little children in the cross fire and just absolutely disrupting everything and everyone for no gain whatsoever.

I can tell you ll what I think this was, it was another Demon possessed individual who snapped and the Demon who was controlling the little puppet strings on Jared Loughnerd finally decided it was time to throw this tool away and go get another one.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New WhiteHouse Press Secretary?

Obama got a new spokesman, A Chicago choice, for sure. Why not Ted Williams? I think that would have been someone with similar credentials to the One, think about it, this certainly makes some sense.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shrunken Heads

Why do you think people put fences around their homes? To identify their property line. If our country doesn't have a border, you don't have a country. Most people look the other way as long as their needs are being met. Birds and fish are dying, falling out of the sky, washing up on shores and some jackass wants to blame it on fireworks.

I'm so sick of the government thinking that the people have shrunken heads. When your country is being invaded, and you're being robbed blind, you need to be on your tippy-toes. God help us all, even those with shrunken heads.....Without a border, you, too, may become a shrunken head. May God bless John Wheeler.