Saturday, March 17, 2012

Silver Bullets over K Street

Environmentalist activists make bad Presidents. Bad Presidents make bad decisions. Bad decisions by Presidents make life miserable for people who live in reality. Miserable life for people who actually live the reality politicians create make dissatisfied voters. Dissatisfied voters vote the bums out of their offices.

My dream scenario is that we eliminate the obstacles to the growth of our Nation and focus on the things that will strengthen US.
Obama and Co. are a huge obstacle with their war on material energy and childlike fantasy that green energy will replace fossil fuels in a miraculous glitchless supplanting. Obama in his speeches says that there are no silver bullets or quick fixes to the cost problems we now face. I say that the time to think forward is from the past.
When Obama became President the price of gas was $1.84 a gallon. That price reflected the curtailed demand caused by the economy in freefall. That would have been a great time to be working on solutions to energy, our backs were not up against the wall, if we had tried to secure our independence right then we would be seeing the goal much closer than we are right now. One of the militant environmentalists best excuses or reasons to do nothing is that every solution is 10 years down the road therefore so far into the future we cannot reap a benefit. When I was a child in the mid 70's that was a lament, every 10 years or so we hear it again when prices spike. It will always be like that until we slap down those who would regulate US into a has been.